LAIS Emeriti

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LAIS Emeriti

Arthur B. Sacks, Professor Emeritus and Foreign Member of the Russian Academy of Education
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Barbara M. Olds, Professor Emerita
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Laura J. Pang, Associate Professor Emerita
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Eul-Soo Pang, Professor Emeritus
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Betty J. Cannon, Emeritus Associate Professor

W. John Cieslewicz , Emeritus Professor

Wilton Eckley, Emeritus Professor
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T. Graham Hereford, Emeritus Professor

Kathleen H. Ochs, Emeritus Associate Professor
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Anton G. Pegis, Emeritus Professor

Thomas Philipose, University Emeritus Professor

Joseph D. Sneed, Emeritus Professor

Karen B. Wiley, Emeritus Associate Professor


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