Assessment of Student Learning Outcomes

Mission: The mission of assessment is to promote excellence in student learning and educational practices by fostering a campus culture of continuous improvement. These efforts support CSM's Mission, Vision and Values and the Strategic Planning goals and initiatives.

Definition:  "Assessment is the systematic collection, review, and use of information about educational programs undertaken for the purpose of improving student learning and development."*                                                           

Purpose:  Assessment of student learning outcomes will enable us to demonstrate how effectively we are achieving the goals articulated in the Profile of the Colorado School of Mines GraduatePDF versionText only version and the graduate program objectives/outcomesPDF versionText only version.

Closing the loop: While gathering assessment information is critical to our improvement efforts, the most important step in the assessment process is using information to make decisions about course content, curricula, programming, and services that contribute to student success.


 Programmatic Assessment of Student Learning





*Source: Palomba, C. & Banta, T. (1999). Assessment Essentials: Planning, Implementing, and Improving. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass


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