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H&SS Core Courses
f_library.jpgAll Undergraduate students are required to take these two core courses from the Division of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences:

  1. LAIS 100 Nature and Human Values 4 semester hours
  2. LAIS 200 Human Systems – 3 semester hours

Students in the McBride Honors Program must take LAIS 100, Nature and Human Values and LAIS 200, Human Systems. 

Required H&SS General Education Restricted Electives
Beyond the core, all Undergraduate students must take an additional three courses (9 semester hours) from the H&SS General Education Restricted Electives Requirements. The following restrictions apply to these courses:

  1. At least one of the three courses must be taken from the Division of Humanities, Arts, & Social Sciences. Up to two courses may be select Economics courses. 
  2. At least one of the three courses must be a 400-level course. (In any given semester, either LAIS or EB may offer 400-level Special Topics courses that will be numbered as either LAIS 498 or EBGN 498. Even though no Special Topics courses appear in the list below, these courses may be use to fulfill the H&SS General Education restricted electives requirement as follows:
    • All courses that are numbered LAIS 498.
    • Some EBGN 498 courses as determined on a case-by-case basis for compliance with being “writing-intensive." Consult either LAIS or EBGN in any given semester for EBGN 498 courses that satisfy the requirement.
  3. A maximum of two Foreign Language courses (LIFL) may be applied toward satisfying the H&SS General Education restricted electives requirement. However, no LIFL 400-level course may be used to satisfy the 400-level course requirement in Item 2 above.
  4. Communication (LICM) and Music (LIMU) courses may not be used to meet the H&SS General Education restricted electives requirement. They may be used for Free Elective credit only.
  5. Single majors in Economics may not use any Economics courses to meet the H&SS General Education restricted electives requirement. In other words, they must meet this requirement only with courses from the Division of Liberal Arts & International Studies, as per the above restrictions and requirements. Students other than single majors in Economics may take up to 6 semester hours (2 courses) in specific Economics courses to satisfy the H&SS General Education restricted electives requirement
  6. During Pre-Registration each semester, only students with senior standing or instructor’s permission are initially allowed to register for 400-level LAIS courses. If 400-level courses do not fill up during Pre-Registration or soon thereafter, the Division Director may elect to open course registration to sophomores and juniors who have met the LAIS 100 and LAIS 200 pre-requisites for 400-level courses.

Transfer Credits
HASS accepts transfer credit from accredited institutions around the world. For those students planning to study abroad or take courses elsewhere, Prior Approval must be obtained. This protects the student by ensuring that the courses taken “count” toward graduation requirements. If a student intends to take a Humanities or Social Sciences course (but not Economics or Business—that’s a different department), bring a Prior Approval Form (available at the Registrar’s Office) to Sandy Woodson’s office hours for the required signature.

If you have any questions about the viability of a course for transfer, gather as much information as possible—course descriptions, syllabi, etc.—and submit them for assessment. If the information is electronic, feel free to email it to swoodson@mines.edu.

Transfer Students should meet with a transfer advisor from the Registrar. Because of the highly specialized curriculum at Mines, freshman level courses are typically used for free elective credit, while the upper level courses can usually be used for H&SS general education requirements. A transfer adviser will be able to provide valuable guidance for transfer students.

Download CSM's policies on AP and IB transfer creditsPDF versionText only version.

Foreign Language Policy
Beginning in 2009, students interested in foreign language instruction but are not sure which course is appropriate, may take a placement test offered by BYU. This test is for placement purposes only; no credit will be awarded based on this or any other test. Students will not receive credit in Foreign Language in her or her native or second language. It is necessary for each student to enroll in classes appropriate to their language skill. Also, if a student has previously completed a foreign language course in high school, they may not take it at mines.

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