Graduation Requirements

undergrads_snow.jpgAll Mines students must complete a 19-credit-hour curriculum in the Humanities and Social Sciences, ranging from freshman through senior levels of course work. These courses are offered by the Division of Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences (HASS) and by the Division of Economics and Business (EB).

               The 10-credit humanities and social sciences core curriculum consists of:

  • Nature & Human Values (LAIS 100) – 4 credits
  • Human Systems (LAIS 200) – 3 credits
  • Principles of Economics (EBGN 201) – 3 credits

The remaining 9 credits, 3 courses, must be chosen from the Humanities and Social Sciences General Education restricted electives


This part of the humanities and social science requirement is often a source of confusion. Part of the problem is that this requirement has had many names over the years and may be called different things by different departments: LAIS credit, Clusters, H&SS, LAIS/EBGN electives, Distributed Humanities and Social Sciences. The other source of confusion is that not all EBGN courses may be used to satisfy this requirement.

Here are the rules:

  • The 3 course must be chosen from the approved courses listed in the LAIS section of the bulletin.
  • At least one of the 3 courses must be taken in LAIS. 
  • Single majors in Economics must take all 3 courses in LAIS.
  • At least one of the 3 courses must be an approved 400-level course.
  • No 100-level courses may be used for these restricted electives (except foreign language courses).                  
  • AP and/or IB credit may not be applied to the restricted electives


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