Course Descriptions


Courses in the HASS curriculum are designated in one of the following categories:

LAIS: Humanities and Social Sciences

LICM: Communications

LIFL: Foreign Language

LIMU: Music

Important Announcements and Policies

  1. Free Electives - Any LAIS course, including Communication and Music courses, may be taken as a free elective. All LICM & LIMU classes are applied as free electrives. 
  2. Foreign Language Policy - Students may take a foreign language placement test offered by BYU to determine course level. This test is for placement purposes only, no credit will be awarded based on this or any other test. The Mines Foreign Language PolicyPDF versionText only version explains restrictions that apply to previous foreign language course work, and native/second language knowledge. 
  3. Course Numbering System - In 2005, LAIS completely renumbered its Humanities, Social Sciences, and Foreign Language courses. The previous designations of LIHU and LISS have been replaced by the common designation LAIS.
  4. Level 400 Courses - Students enrolling in 400-level courses are required to have senior standing or permission of instructor, plus Nature and Human Values (NHV).LAIS 200 is a pre or co-requesite. 


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