Faculty and Staff

HUSSEIN A. AMERY, Division Director and Associate Professor 
OLIVIA BURGESS, Teaching Assistant Professor and Nature and Human Values Program Coordinator
MELANIE BRANDT, Teaching Assistant Professor and Writing Center Co-Coordinator 
JONATHAN CULLISON, Teaching Associate Professor
PAULA FARCA, Teaching Associate Professor and Assessment Coordinator
TINA L. GIANQUITTO, Associate Professor and Director of the Hennebach Program
MAGGIE (MARGARET) GREENWOOD, Teaching Assistant Professor
KATHLEEN J. HANCOCK, Associate Professor and Director of the HASS Graduate Program
SARAH HITT, Teaching Professor and Director of McBride Honors Program
JOHN R. HEILBRUNN, Associate Professor
CORTNEY HOLLES, Teaching Associate Professor
JOSEPH HORAN, Associate Division Director and Teaching Associate Professor
DERRICK HUDSON, Teaching Associate Professor 
ROBERT KLIMEK, Teaching Professor, & Music Program Director
ADRIANNE KROEPSCH, Assistant Professor
TONI (TONYA) LEFTON, Director of Honors and Scholars Programs,Teaching Professor, and Faculty Adviser for High Grade
JON A. LEYDENS, Associate Professor
SHANNON MANCUS, Hennebach Visiting Scholar 
KEN OSGOOD, Professor 
RACHEL OSGOOD, Teaching Assistant Professor
ROSE PASS, Teaching Associate Professor
GREG RULIFSON, Teaching Assistant Professor
JESSICA SMITH, Associate Professor of Energy Policy
JAY (JAMES) D. STRAKER, Associate Professor
SETH TUCKER, Teaching Assistant Professor and Writing Center Co-Coordinator
SANDY(SANDRA) WOODSON, Teaching Professor
and Undergraduate Advisor
Transitional Faculty
CARL MITCHAM, Professor 
JAMES V. JESUDASON, Teaching Professor 
Research Assistant Professor
Division Staff
JODY LOWTHER, HASS Program Assistant


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