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MIPER Graduate and Undergraduate Award Reception

Congratulations Spring 2017 MIPER Graduates Eros Mizidy and Cass Whaley!


Undergraduate Award Winners (from left to right):
Colin McIllece (Oppenheimer Award), Jessica Deters (Kafadar Award), Katie Schumacher (Sacks Award), Kristen Smith (Blackwell Award)

HASS Faculty Speaking to a graduate

Jon Leydens presents during the award ceremony

Melanie Brandt presents the Sacks Award to Katie Schumacher

Olivia Burgess presents during award ceremony

Derrick Hudson congratulates Eros Mizidy on becoming a Spring 2017 MIPER Graduate. 

Olivia Burgess presents the Blackwell Award to Kristen Smith

Olivia Burgess presents the Kafadar Award to Jessica Deters

Colin McIllece accepts the Oppenheimer Award


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