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CCIT releases Symantec Endpoint Protection antivirus for Mac! Get it from the Mines Download web site.

Are you looking for a way to view and produce 2D-CAD or .DWG drawings for free? Try DraftSight from SolidWorks!

The Nag Blog
NAG Extends its Support for Calling its Numerical Libraries from Excel.
Performance of Atmospheric Chemistry Simulations (GLOMAP/TOMCAT) Enhanced by NAG’s HECToR Team.

The Beer Can BBQ Conundrum.
SolidWorks® Simulation can solve it. Can you?





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WOLFRAM Demonstrations Project, the world's largest knowledge app site offering free interactive models helping educators explain hard-to-understand concepts.

You can now interact with nearly 7,000 Demonstrations directly in (a) browser--move sliders to alter input, and watch the results change live--which lets you visualize ideas and concepts as never before.

Watch a brief video introduction.

Explore Demonstrations in your field.

With the Wolfram Demonstrations Project:

  • Download free, ready-to-use interactive examples for classes, from primary or secondary school to college level, and beyond.
  • Explain hard-to-understand concepts through interactive examples covering math, physics, biology, engineering, finance, sociology, music, art, and many more areas.
  • Share ideas with educators and students across the globe.
  • Get ideas for projects, and use source code to jump-start your work.
  • Encourage students to create Demonstrations as first academic publications.

And with Mathematica 8, it's easy to customize existing Demonstrations or create your own.


Software News


ArcGIS Virtual Campus Is available for free to campus.

Download an antivirus program
Symantec Endpoint antivirus for Mac or Windows is now available free to the Mines community. 

The license has been updated so that only Fortran Builder is now available.

Wolfram Mathematica:
Wolfram Lightweight Grid Manager 9.0.1 is now available.