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Are you looking for a way to view and produce 2D-CAD or .DWG drawings for free? Try DraftSight from SolidWorks!

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NAG Extends its Support for Calling its Numerical Libraries from Excel.
Performance of Atmospheric Chemistry Simulations (GLOMAP/TOMCAT) Enhanced by NAG’s HECToR Team.

The Beer Can BBQ Conundrum.
SolidWorks® Simulation can solve it. Can you?











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WOLFRAM Demonstrations Project, the world's largest knowledge app site offering free interactive models helping educators explain hard-to-understand concepts.

You can now interact with nearly 7,000 Demonstrations directly in (a) browser--move sliders to alter input, and watch the results change live--which lets you visualize ideas and concepts as never before.

Watch a brief video introduction.

Explore Demonstrations in your field.

With the Wolfram Demonstrations Project:

  • Download free, ready-to-use interactive examples for classes, from primary or secondary school to college level, and beyond.
  • Explain hard-to-understand concepts through interactive examples covering math, physics, biology, engineering, finance, sociology, music, art, and many more areas.
  • Share ideas with educators and students across the globe.
  • Get ideas for projects, and use source code to jump-start your work.
  • Encourage students to create Demonstrations as first academic publications.

And with Mathematica 8, it's easy to customize existing Demonstrations or create your own.



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